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April 1,2014

Subject: Louisiana Legislation

Below is the latest concerning the bills on which LANREMT is taking a stand:
HB 99 - Epi Auto-injector
Pending House Health and Welfare Committee.
HB 754 - First Responder administering Narcan
Referred favorably to the full House
HB 755 - Administration of Narcan by the public
Pulled by the Author
HB 674 - Stretcher vans
Pending House Health and Welfare Committee
Deferred for revisions
HB 487 - Criminal Background checks for EMS Practitioners
Pending Howse Health and Welfare Committee
HB 256/897/1027 has become HB 1077 - Battery of an emergency medical professional
Referred favorably to full House
SB 185 - PECs
Considered today in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee (outcome unknown)
SB 285 & 411 - Supplemental pay for Municipal EMS employees
Pending Senate finance committee
I am attaching the Legislator contact information to this email for you reference.
Legislators Contact Information
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