Telecommunicator of the Year

Nick Tourney

Nick Tourney

Nick, a paramedic, is a 12 year veteran with Acadian Ambulance Service. He lives in Lafayette with his wife, Carie, and his son, Harrison.
Nick began his EMS career in November 2002 working as an EMT-Basic. He worked in ground operation as an EMT basic for two years before getting into a paramedic class at the national EMS Academy. Upon completion of his paramedic class, he worked in ground operations as a paramedic for eight years. During this time on the ground ambulance, he received service awards and was recognized for his great work treating patients. He received three meritorious service awards from Acadian ambulance for successful resuscitation of cardiac arrest patients and also was nominated by his peers in the Lafayette region for the paramedic of the year in May 2013.



Nick’s career shifted gears in October 2013 when he began working in the communication center. He quickly learned the call taking process while earning his certification from the national Academy of emergency medical dispatchers to offer our customers excellent pre-arrival instruction. He excelled at the processing incoming emergency and nonemergency calls and was recognized on several occasions for his prompt answering of incoming calls and also the great customer service he provides to our callers. Once Nick master the call taking process, he turning quickly for dispatching a fixed console within the dispatch center. Once in this role, the compliments and accolades from field medics and coworkers in the communication center continue to pour in. A summary of some of these compliments are included below.


  • 1/31/2014: complement received from of the Lafayette area crew for great job of dispatching the Lafayette area\
  • 4/17/2014: complemented by the dispatch supervisor for attention to detail
  • 5/1/2014: received a letter from the president of Acadian relating thanks he heard from crew at an area breakfast
  • 6/20/2014: received a compliment from the Houma area management for the way he treats the crews and also his professional demeanor.
  • 8/6/2014 complemented by one of his fellow dispatchers for great teamwork
  • 10/9/2014: complemented by the Lake Charles medic for a great job of dispatching Lake Charles and how well he treats the crewmembers

Nick has excelled in every era of EMS he has participated, from EMT basic, EMT paramedic, and now as a dispatcher.