2015 Instructor/Coordinator of the Year

Bill Niemeck

Bill has been in EMS in the State of Louisiana for over 30 years, joining New Orleans EMS in 1990.

His main interest has been in furthering our field via expanding our knowledge and skill base. I have been impressed with his ability to translate information to others in an easy to understand manner with appropriate examples of practical application. His dedication to being a patient advocate at all times is an inspiration to all.

Bill’s easygoing affect and gregarious personality draws student’s attention readily and he never disappoints in providing extra tidbits of background information making learning an adventure.

I believe Bill is the epitome of what our EMS educators should all aspire to and he greatly deserves this recognition.

Selecting instructor of the year requires a candidate who demonstrates the ability and willingness to go beyond the everyday instructor duties. William Niemeck is that nominee. I have known Mr. Niemeck for over twenty years. He has demonstrated the ability to teach and train coworkers. Upon promotion to Education coordinator in 2005, Bill took on the role of implementing Educational and training programs for the entire department which currently 157 employees.

Bill prides himself on staying abreast of the latest trends and technology in EMS. He has always been an advocate for pushing the envelope in our department to implement the latest procedures and protocols proven or being tried prehospital setting. Over the years he was instrumental in training and the drive to incorporate ResQPOD, capnography, cooling, and double sequential defibrillation into the prehospital setting.

Bill looks for ways to expand EMS in the community.  For instance, Bill pushed for our involvement in Mission Life line. This led to our agency receiving the 2015 Mission: Lifeline EMS Bronze level Recognition Award. He is very involved with the Active Shooter protocol in our department. He constantly is working on ideas and ways to get NOPD and NOFD involved on our Active Shooter protocols. Bill has assisted at least one of our regional Law enforcement agencies with implementing their own plan and assisting and monitoring there training. Bill is actively involved in the Rapid Diver Training in our area. His passion and push has helped NOFD, NOPD and NOEMS incorporate a Rapid Diver Training program training members from each department and is on the forefront to implement a train the trainer program that will be extended to all department members.

Regionally, Bill has pushed for all the Educators in Region one to meet on a regular basis to discuss training needs and regional classes. Over the last year, Bill has organized recent meeting held at our Headquarters and the last meeting at EJ EMS. Future meetings are being planned at other agencies. He has pushed for interagency cooperation on the Education and Training end.

As a recent PHTLS Adjunct faculty, Bill has recently assisted Slidell Fire with implementing their PHTLS program. He is also working on regional training with other departments. Bill understands the importance of the regional approach to training.

Bill has persisted with the drive to teach and educate overlooking the temporary headquarters that he has endured since 2005 after Hurricane Katrina without any complaints. He tirelessly and selfishly works at what training is not only best for New Orleans EMS but what is best for Region one. This is why I recommend Mr. William Niemeck as the instructor of the year.