L.A.N.R.E.M.T. Annual Education Conference Questionnaire (2018)

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Are you a member of LANREMT?
Have you ever attended a LANREMT Annual Conference
If you have attended a LANREMT Annual Conference, how many times?
Would you like the conference held?
What month would you like the conference to be held?
How long would you like the conference?
Where would like the conference held (1--highest to 8--lowest)
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What would the maximum you would pay for the conference?
Would your family participate in family activities?

What topics would you like to educated?

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----------Topic #2:
----------Topic #3:
----------Topic #4
----------Topic #5

What topics would you NOT like to hear?

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----------Topic #7:
---------Topic #8:
----------Topic #9:
----------Topic #10:

Do you like the following:

----------Annual Meeting
----------LaBEMS Annual Report
----------LANREMT Awards
----------EMT Memorial
Any additional comments?